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The Catering Menus 

special dietary requirement possible, vegetarian, vegan, etc..

Les prix indiqués sur les menus sont hors TVA -  All indicated prices are w/o VAT

Japanese Bento Box :  19.50-

Your choice of    -Chicken kijiyaki

                         -Beef Sesame

                         -Salmon tataki or teriyaki

                         -Vegetarian / Vegan


All Bento Boxes come with 5 different vegetables & steamed rice 

Everything in a box

*comes with chopsticks with napkins

Bento all different.jpeg
Japanese Bento Buffet :  24.- (min. 15people)

All the vegetables and main dishes are nicely /separately served 
in a nice Japanese china for buffet style

Buffet canapé style A:   45.-  /per   (min. 15people)
Bento & mini dessert :  24.- (min. 15people)



-Red Argentinean Wild Shrimp with Papaya and Yuzu pepper

-Small Ceviche from Sea bass ¨Acapulco style¨

-Bakkafrost or Scottish Salmon tataki-avocado with lime-ponzu sauce

-Japanese style Roast Beef-with ginger-green beans-cherry tomato

-Spicy Tuna maki

-Vegetarian maki(V)

-Braised Eggplant with mirin ginger and soy (V)



-Tofu and grilled Vegetable satay with curry peanut butter sauce

-Mini Beef burger with grilled red pepper with Tonkatsu sauce (no bread)

-Hot Chicken wings with Blue cheese dressing



-Mini NY Cheese cake

-Mini Belgian Chocolate mousse

-Mini seasonal Fruit salad

5932af4a-7949-44a9-a7db-778a7db8fc94 3.jpg
Menu ¨chef Pieter¨:  30.- /per
05DB3F4B-D427-451B-BFDE-046A1CB1E26D 2.jpg


-Frittata from Asparagus or seasonal Vegetable and fresh herbs

-Bakkafrost or Scottish Salmon tataki with avocado and lime ponzu sauce

-Fresh Gazpacho with steamed Shrimp (without shrimp=vegan)

-Chicken Cecilia 



-Chicken patties teriyaki style

-Roasted Veggie tarts

-Small beef Köfte kebab



-Mini NY Cheese cake or Belgian chocolate mousse, or Thin Apple tarte

-Fresh seasonal Fruit salad

Buffet canapé style :  21.-/per    (min. 15people)


-Japanese omelette with cucumber

-Cherry tomato-mozzarella-basil-smoked Salmon

-Homemade guacamole with oven baked tortilla chips & steamed Shrimp (Vegan without Shrimp)



-Mini Salmon burgers

-Zucchini patties



-Mini Belgian Chocolate mousse or Mini NY Cheese cake or Fresh seasonal Fruit salad

CHF 8.00


-Lemon tarte with meringue

-Apple tarte

-Apple crumble

-Belgian chocolat mousse

-NY cheese cake with Belgian speculoos crust

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit salad

CHF 5.00

-Mini NY Cheese cake

-Mini Belgian Chocolate mousse

-Mini Apple crumble


     -New Autumn Menu- (mini 10pers) *order min 24hours in advance

-Acapulco style Chicken Enchiladas with fresh GUACAMOLE          25.- /PER

-CHIRASH Sushi (Fresh fish, veggies on the rice)                 25.- /PER

-Vegetarian Sushi (mini 4pers)                                   25.- /PER

-Pieter's Fresh Beef Lasagna with green salad                    25.- /PER

-Vegetarian Chili: Carrots-tofu-celery-onion-garlic-pinto beans-

tomatoes-cumin-cilantro with Salsa Pico di gallo                 25.- /PER


-Seasonal salad: Quinoa-spinach-apples-mint-zucchini-

marinated onions-lime-olieve oil                                 12.- /PER   


-Beef or venison Chili with Salsa Pico di Gallo                  25.- /PER                          


          VIANDE                                                     POISSON                 

Poulet: Suisse-France                                Saumon entier: Ecosse

boeuf: Suisse-Allemagne                            Bar entier: France-Turke

Porc: Suisse-France                                  Dorade entier: France-Turke

Agneau: France-Angleterre                      Thon filet: Atlantic 


             -If you have an allergy, please contact us and

         we are very happy to inform you about the ingredients we use!-

-Si vous êtes sujet à des allergies ou intolérances, nous collaborateurs vous informeront volontiers sur les ingrédients utilisés dans nos plats sur simple demande de votre part.

Votre hôte: tel: 079 482 3397: Pieter Plaetinck_Lunch Privé

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