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Hello from Chef Pieter :-)

Dernière mise à jour : 16 févr. 2021

Welcome to Lunch Privé.

Some of you already met our Chef Pieter.

There are some facts of Chef Pieter:

-He is from Belgium

-He used to be a private chef for billionaires for long time

-He loves tennis (he is very sad now, he cannot even play tennis!!)

-He used to be also very good chocolatier & pastry chef

-He never panic (He is always calm)

-He is very very straight to anyone (if you like it or not..)

-He is very good at cooking

-He crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times with boats (loved it!)

-He used to love riding motorcycle(that maybe wishing one soon..)

-He loves cooking especially with all the fresh ingredients

-He is very clean

-He never snore

-He has a big passion of any kind of cuisines

-He never stop learning some new recipes

-He loves taking a bath at the end of the busy day...

-He use to be a junior champion of chess

-He use to love to play basketball and he still loves

-He loves music but he cannot play any instrument which he wish..

I guess you have enough of him for today.

Do you have question about his cooking?

What is your favorite food from him?

Any feed back is welcome :-)


This is his secret personal made spice boxes...


What is a Japanese Bento Box?

Our bento boxes are getting more popular, We sale in cafes, stores, offices and home. A bento (Japanese takeaway meal)is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal packed in boxes.

The meals are ready to eat and don’t need to be heated.

There are choice of main dish (Chicken kijiyaki, Beef sesame, Salmon tataki, Salmon teriyaki, or vegetarian) and comes with 5 different vegetables, steamed rice with furikake spice, and Japanese omelette. We can put in a nice china or biodegradable boxes.

Here’s how to eat our Bento Boxes for your lunch or dinner:

  1. If you are around Nyon, Venezia soft (in front of H&M)carries them everyday for takeaway (except Mons&Suns)

  2. If you are at a office, ordering together with colleagues, please send email to or call 0794823397

  3. If you would like to order for your home, please reserve the day before by 21h. Just come pick them up and enjoy:-)

***more than 70.-, we deliver around Nyon area***

¨Bon Appétit¨

Lunch Privé

Chemin de la Vyborne 1 1184 Luins Switzerland

0794823397 /

follow us for more happy food:

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