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Why Mexican?

Have you tried Pieter's Enchiladas,Acapulco style?

Ok, maybe you are wondering, why Mexican? Chef Pieter is from Belgium! (did you know?)

As we mentioned our previous blog, He used to be a private chef for billionaires, and his previous boss often went to Acapulco, Mexico.

As a chef, one has to travel wherever the boss goes.

And you know it's such a delicious world out there.

Food are so fresh, and they can cook so good!

So Pieter ended up spending a lot of time with ¨Team Mexican chefs¨ over there and they are such lovely mamas!!

He's learnt a lot of the authentic Mexican food from those lovely ladies, that is why our Acapulco style Chicken Enchiladas are so popular:-))))You are actually eating an authentic Mexican. (well we don't make it too spicy, for European and also for children)

Talking about Mexican food, everyone loves Pieter's fresh guacamole!

Secret? well try and find it out:-)

Are you getting hungry?


Now ... Let's jump into NY.

Yes, as a dessert, we suggest Pieter's authentic NY Cheese cake,

of course!

¨Just out of oven¨

¨ready to eat!¨

¨Bon Appétit¨

Lunch Privé

Chemin de la Vyborne 1 1184 Luins Switzerland

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